How to Help

We all know there's hundreds of organizations out there to help people. Sometimes it's hard to know what's legit or decide what to get involved in.

Here's a list of just a few options that we've learned about one way or another.  I've tried to categorize but many of these ministries/organizations could fit into more than 1 category.

Sponsosrships -Child sponsorship, Child survival program (helping parents) and Leadership Development program (College)

Amazima Ministries -Uganda-sponsorship, outreach, discipleship

Sixty Feet -Uganda child sponsorship

Ekubo Ministries -Uganda child sponsorship, clean water projects, donate, shop

Children of the Nations -village partnership, children's homes

Uganda Village Project -Safe water, healthy villages & orphan care

Get Involved-choose how
Child's i Foundation -helps reunite Ugandan children with their families, creating awareness of adoption within Uganda, promote family care
One Life Matters -various projects to be involved in, Donate

Land of a Thousand Hills -coffee

World Crafts -Fair Trade -shop, help generate income for women in Uganda

Sseko Designs -shop sandals, help generate income for women

Mmofra Trom Bead Project -shop bracelets, help educate children in Ghana

Promise of Hope -choose a project to give towards -donate