Monday, May 27, 2013

First ER trip

Not all firsts are fun, exciting & full of warm fuzzies.  Saturday we made our first ER visit. Malakai ran flat into the truck. He hit it with so much force it knocked him off his feet & hit the back of his head too! This was obviously followed with the most harrowing screams parents could hear.
the bump on his forehead

Within seconds of scooping him up His forehead blew up like a balloon and his nose was bleeding inside & out! I've never seen anything like it and panic set in. Wes was holding him, I was looking at his back when I noticed the back of his head was also quickly swelling. We knew we'd have to head to the ER. I ran inside to get my purse, told Amiya to get her shoes on we had to go to the hospital. She got her shoes on so quick & ran downstairs, put her buckle on in the truck quicker than the rest of us got in. Don't know if it was twin intuition or she could just tell something was wrong. I don't think she saw Malakai's "boo boo's" yet.
huge bump on forehead and the swelling had gone down some

On our way to the hospital I was texting with Becca, one of the many 'professional' mom friends in our lives, she was giving great information, call pediatrician after hours service, is he vomiting and a slew of other helpful/re-assuring things. Wes was driving, talking to another friend who's a MD, emergency lights flashing and trying to keep Malakai awake. Everytime Wes would tell him to stay awake, he'd answer with a soft & sweet "yes sir." Suddenly we see flashing blue lights pull up next to us. Initial thought "oh no, not now!" The unmarked vehicle asked where we were headed and escorted us downtown. Thank you God for reminders of your presence even in blue lights! And thank you sir with your blue Super Hero Squad shirt on, you're our hero! Shortly after, the aftercare nurse called back. We told her we were already headed downtown to Children's. She asked where we were and that she would call ahead for us.

bump on the back of his head

Once back in a room and initial paperwork (insurance) completed, one of the Dr's came in to start asking questions. I know it's a necessity to check for child abuse but oh my, I quickly felt like we were being re-evaluated by every entity domestic & international that signed off on our adoption paperwork! She was great and we know she was just doing her job but that was hard! The first Dr. wanted a second opinion since he hit both front and back. As the 2nd Dr. walked in, we felt so much comfort, she said "Thankfully God created our heads to be the toughest where we hit them the most." She checked out all his bumps & cuts, compared his bumps to some others she'd seen and discussed a possible CT scan if he was showing certain signs but said they prefer not to do CT scans because of the radiation and possibly causing cancer in a child later in life. Malakai wasn't showing any of those signs so they decided it would be best for us to stay just a couple more hours to be observed (for any worsening signs) since most of those appear within 4 hours. Thankfully for us, Wes grabbed the BBQ wings & legs he had been smoking right before this all happened and threw it in the truck. So, while we waited for those 4 hours to be up, we at least had some delicious food!

taking a picture of himself

We got home LATE with 2 of the sleepiest kids ever. Amiya was the biggest champ. She never once complained about being hungry or tired although she was getting real tempted around 11pm. We both affirmed her at separate times for acting quickly and behaving so well while Malakai was being taken care of. What's funny ironic is 2 days before this happened, Malakai told Amiya that  he bonks his head better than she does. And that was true before this happened!

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