Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A year.5 in review

With the busy-ness of life, full-time work, making school lunches & trying to sleep I've done a pretty bad job of blogging. There's been a lot of things I've thought about that I'd like to write about but by the end of the day, I just want to hit the sack. So, with a few days off for the Holiday's I thought I would attempt to start back by hitting some of the highlights of the things I've learned/figured out over the past year [and a half].

1. Despite coming home and fearing that we'll never understand each other, it is now very difficult to get 5 minutes of silence. Amiya is certainly keeping up with the statistic that an average female uses 20,000 words a day (most of hers are questions).

2. Boys will be boys: Malakai loves all things trucks, trains, planes and we've recently added super heros to that list. We're currently working on not throwing away plates and silverware in the trash (only the leftover food)! We think he's going to be left-handed, he highly favors it but is trying to do things with his right hand. He's also the biggest love bug!

3. We had a lot of people tell us we were crazy for adopting 2 at once/twins. Yes there's times things are a little extra crazy but they are best friends, help each other out (most of the time), can play together while I wash dishes, fold clothes etc. And, if 1 gets in trouble, the other works extra hard in that moment to not get into trouble...unless we're at the grocery store past a meal/nap time but I'm sure no-one else gets cranky in those situations ;)

4. Children who were knit together in the same womb (Psalms 139:14) can have VERY different symptoms when getting sick.  

5. I've been a bit bothered by the number of blogs I've ready about "annoying things people say to adoptive families." I'm a  quiet person so these have encouraged me all the more to stick to my introverted ways! I have this fear of being blogged about. I feel like our journey has clearly been orchestrated by God and I'm happy to share or answer questions; we had a lot of questions and are thankful for those who were honest with us. With this in mind, a fellow adoptive mommy put together a great informative blog post touching on some key points/tips on how to help adoptive families adjust/bond and why we sometimes have some odd requests. I especially appreciated how she addressed the last point.

6. It's amazing how well they're ears work when you use the words: chocolate, sweets, snack or candy, even at the lowest whisper. I'm almost convinced they can hear when I'm just thinking about it!

7. Understanding the [difference of the] words "in" and "on" will make a huge difference in where your artwork ends up!

8. Adopting gives you no more control over how "girly" your little girl is going to be...it's just in their DNA! She has loved sparkly things and bags from the git-go!

9. Milestones that have changed my life: putting their (child seat) buckle on all by themselves, ability to reach the toilet and some sinks without a lift, open closed doors, feeding the animals, letting dog outside (now if only they could bathe the dog).

10. Working full time still means there's 40 less hours I'm able to clean, +2 additional bodies in our house  = God made dirt and dirt don't hurt...don't judge

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