Sunday, January 20, 2013

A very Mickey 5th birthday!

The kids turned 5 years old this week. It's so hard to believe how quickly they're growing up! It's their 2nd birthday with us and I feel like they still need to be little snuggle bugs but never the less, those arms and legs are growing quickly!

I'm a little bit of a fan of Mickey Mouse, love Disney World and if Wes would let me, the kids room or bathroom would be Mickey themed. However we both decided against going in that direction for more logical reasons. Somehow I managed to talk Wes into a Mickey and Minnie themed birthday party. I guess you could say themed, I'm not a very creative person and all those posts on Pinterest are amazingly intimidating. But, what's a better boy/girl twin themed birthday party than Mickey/Minnie Mouse!!

Mickey Mouse cupcakes

We filled their room with Red, White, Yellow & Black balloons while they were asleep, they were a little confused when they woke up!
A sign a friend made for her daughter's party!

a basket someone gave me one time. Red & White polka-dot napkins I found at Walmart!

a Banner I downloaded from here

snow globes a friend gave me a looong time ago!

Mickey breakfast
puffy Mickey stickers
don't forget ears!!

Best of all, it snowed on their birthday! They got out of school a little early allowing us to go home and play in the small amount of snow that my friends back home are making fun of us for! Never the less, they thought it was great and said "Jesus gave us a surprise on our birthday! He made it snow!" 

They had a great birthday and got to spend some time quality time with one set of grandparents!

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