Monday, October 15, 2012

Walt Disney World!

Soooo, we went to Disney World in late July. I knew that this would either be the worst idea we've ever had or a good one. When we went to Disney World in college we often saw the crying kids that were just miserable (and so were the parents) so I was always hesitant at the thought of taking kids until they were old enough to appreciate Disney World. Despite all of that, I'm pleased to say it was a great experience!

At Magic Kingdom we hopped on the train and took it to Fantasy Land where we rode the Barnstormer (a small roller- coaster).  I had originally planned our day to start with slower rides & work our way to this one but it was RIGHT THERE. The kids LOVED it and giggled the whole time on the ride! All we heard after that was "More rice peas!" interpreted to mean: more rides please.

My Minnie Mouse

Brother/Sister love

Malakai stole the hearts of some pretty ladies! 

We did a lot of reading on other blogs before we went. We had only been as college students or adults and it was so much fun to plan it for a different perspective! We debated taking a stroller (ours isn't very good) but after ready a lot and remembering how MASSIVE the parks are and how much walking was involved, we decided to take it. It was also nice to throw a bottled water or 2 in the bottom and carry around some necessities! The other best advice we read was to observe a rest time in the middle of the day. We went back to the resort for lunch and nap time and we were set for the rest of the night with some happy kids! The following day we stayed around the resort and had fun and then went back to the parks on day 3. 

I love Disney World and can't wait to go back as they get a little older. It was great to be all together as a family and we could see the difference in the kids. They seemed so happy (and held hands a lot), we really didn't have any major melt downs or whining. It was just as magical to be all together as it was to be at Disney! I can only hope that all of our future family vacations will be so much fun!

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