Monday, January 23, 2012

Playgrounds & headlocks

I feel I may be destined to adorn the following bumper sticker:

...with a PINK background.

Last week it felt like we had turned a new corner, there was so much more laughter and less disciplining, it was great.

THEN, Amiya put another kid in a headlock on the playground! Let me back up some. Another little girl pushed Malakai down on the playground. She obviously gets in trouble. The next thing we know, Amiya has her in a headlock! Not sure if the other girl was having a bad day or if Amiya was acting in retribution! We got her home and talked about the incident. It went a little something like this: 

Me: Amiya, did another girl push you on the playground? 
Amiya: No
Me: Amiya, did you put a little girl in a headlock?
Amiya: Yes
Me: Did you get in trouble?
Amiya: Yes
Me: Did she hurt you?
Amiya: No
Me: Amiya, did Malakai fall down? 
Amiya: girl push Malakai down, he fall down
Me: Did you push the little girl down?
Amiya: No
Me: Did you put her in a headlock because she hurt Malakai? 
Amiya: Yes. girl push Malakai down

I have to be honest, part of me was proud of her for sticking up for her brother but I realize that's probably not the way to solve it! Let's be honest, that little girl isn't going to mess with either of them anytime soon. But, I have this internal battle going on. On one hand I'm glad to know she's going to stick up for herself & her brother. On the other hand, putting another kid in a headlock probably isn't the best way to solve the problem. And yet the other argument is- even if you tell an adult what happened, how are they to know who is telling the truth! We've all probably been punished for a lie that someone else told!

Anyhow, that's the latest, kind of funny, kind of not!

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