Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clowning around

I often feel like we have 2 clowns running around here. It's crazy how much their personalities have come out in just the last 5 months. Here's some of my favorite things that have made me laugh.

Amiya & Armpits
One day shortly after we arrive home, Amiya runs into our bedroom and a couple minutes later comes streaking back out. I asked her to get her clothes and she obediently did and I put them back on.  A couple hours later, I notice what looks like deodorant marks on her shirt. She doesn't know what it's called so I picked her arm up and sniffed her armpit. Sure enough, she had put on Wes' deodorant and we learned the word "Armpit"!

Malakai & funny faces
It was pretty clear early on that Malakai was going to be a little clown. Anytime he tried something new, he would make this face...

And with each new food, the facial expressions seem to get more & more dramatic. For instance, here's some pictures after he barely sunk his teeth into a jalapeno pepper (but didn't eat it)...

Amiya's Style 
Amiya loves all things girly and often wants to put more & more girly stuff on...sometimes I really worry about her sense of style...

 Malakai-"Sooo Handsome"
Amiya is such a girl, anytime she gets to wear a dress she jumps up and down excited. With all the emotions of being a girl, I wanted to make sure I instilled a good self-confidence in her so I was always saying "Amiya, you're soooo pretty." Malakai started saying he looked sooo pretty too so we had to quickly adjust that and more frequently say "Malakai, you are soooo HANDSOME." They both have picked up on that and when they know a girl or boy, they also associate so pretty or so handsome with the correct gender...make sense!? Anyway, one morning I was getting them dressed and Malakai told me he needed to go potty so I halted the getting dressed and told him to go to the bathroom. He said "No, I wanna [be] so handsome fuwst (first)"

Daddy & Animal Sounds

Wes definitely contributes to the clowning around. For Halloween I found a monkey & giraffe costume. When we were trying them on, we kept asking Malakai what sound a monkey makes and then realized Amiya needed a sound for her giraffe costume. We asked Amiya what sound a giraffe makes but since this wasn't one of the animals we worked on, she wasn't helping so Wes just yells "look-a look-a look-a." I don't think Amiya believed us, it was a good month after Halloween before she would make the giraffe sound.

Potty training and public bathrooms
The kids were basically potty trained before we got them but there was, as expected, some regression (and a language barrier and parents trying to figure out how to take care of kids). Anytime they told us they needed to potty and actually went in the potty there was a huge celebration. And since we're also dealing with chronic constipation issues with one, there's a HUGE celebration when he goes #2 in the potty. What I wasn't prepared for was the enthusiasm for bathrooms. Anytime we were in a public place, the kids needed to go potty so we'd all 3 go in and sometimes mom had to go too. (I never understood when mom's talk about wanting to go to the bathroom I do!) So, if I went, they would yell really loud "Yay, mommy went tee tee, good job mommy!" My new favorite is they want to help so "mommy, don't fall down drain!"

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  1. I still remember one time I was in a public restroom and a few stalls down there was a young girl saying in a not so quiet tone "Mommy are you pooping?" I had to smother my giggle because I knew that could very well be me someday!