Sunday, January 1, 2012


  Christmas was a great adventure. We knew it would be exciting, over-stimulating and possibly overwhelming and indeed it was all 3! 
We started our Christmas festivities at Thanksgiving with Wes' family since we would be driving to Kansas City for Christmas. 
Amiya got a princess dress, shoes & matching doll

Malakai got a truck that talks & moves...I think it's almost dead

and then they got a couple guitars!

For Christmas, we drove to my (Danielle) parent's house in Kansas City. It's a 12 hour drive with just 2 adults and we knew we would be extending that when we add in 2 energetic 3 year olds! We decided to take the trip up in 2 days and stayed overnight in Memphis. 

The kids did great (I still don't think anything could be worse then us trying to get [toddlers who have never had boundaries] through all the lines and security in Uganda). I only brought a few quiet toys for the car ride and didn't even think about once it gets dark they won't be able to see anything. Some friends let us borrow their portable dvd player but the power converter started smoking so we decided we shouldn't use it! The kids started getting pretty antsy the last 2 hours of the trip but then fell asleep.

 They slept on an air mattress together in my old bedroom and did great. We brought our video monitor and that was huge too. The more they discovered how bouncy an air mattress could be, the harder it was to convince them not to bounce/jump.  They loved walking or "running" -which was closer to a bounce
We went to the Christmas Eve service at the church where I grew up. We used to always go to the 11pm service and this year decided on the 5pm for obvious reasons! We had originally planned to go to the Christmas morning service but after...well...loosing a pair of underwear at the Christmas Eve service and a few other behaviors that we were noticing we realized some anxiety and stress that the kids were feeling so decided to stick close to the house. 

Once we got to opening presents, it was stimulation overload! It only took opening 1 gift for them to be all about these presents and they were ready & willing to help everyone else open their gifts as well. They got some great gifts and noisemakers that mom & dad are LOVING ;)
 One gift they got was this "jeep" as you can see from the awesome faces: Malakai is so excited & Amiya is not so excited about sharing...but doing better at it

One thing I always look forward to when I come home to KC is getting together with friends. There's a group of girls from High School who get together every Thanksgiving/Christmas. Wish our travel schedules would have allowed more of us to get together at the same time this year.

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