Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adoption final, citizenship next

 Today we finalized our adoption of Amiya & Malakai! What does that mean? Well, several things:

  1. We are now legally their parents as opposed to guardians 
  2.  Name change
  3. They can now obtain US birth certificates
  4. We can apply for a Certificate of Citizenship (COC)
Last week I began preparing for this court date. I wanted to have as much paperwork ready as I could so we could fix names on their Social Security card, look into US passports and apply for this Certificate of Citizenship thing that I'd heard about a few times. The more I looked into it, and asked very dear friends questions, the more I realized that finalizing this adoption was just the beginning of more paperwork and fees. We thought that once we finalized and they had a US birth certificate, that also meant that they would be US citizens. SURPRISE- Not so easy! US Birth Certificate does not = US citizenship. In order to obtain citizenship, we will still have to fill out the N-600 (6 page form) for each child, submit another $550 per child to USCIS and wait for the certificate which will declare them legal US citizens.

It seems odd but we also found out that even children who are adopted and come to the states on a US passport also have to re-adopt in the states in order to get a US birth certificate.  That may vary by state but was still very interesting to find out that information!

Regardless of what the process continues to be, we're thrilled to be able to finalize today and thankful for all the amazing people who have encouraged us and helped us get to this point.
 We had a very kind judge today, Malakai gave him a big hug it was precious!

 Little flashback to court in UG and kids running around (thankfully this time it was BEFORE the judge came in)

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