Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We may not have experienced a lot of the traditional firsts that parents often catch on camera or record in their baby books. Nor will we ever know what those first moments were like. However, the awesome thing with adoption is we do get to experience a ton of firsts with them. It just looks a little different. For one, they can talk (or try to talk) about what's going on!

There were a lot of firsts for our new family that we had in Uganda-first bath (didn't go so well 2nd bath and on have gone much better), first time eating out, first time going to the playground, first time trying on & buying shoes, etc.

Here's some firsts once we got back to the states:

Meeting Miles (cat)=successful! meeting the dog, not so successful and no pictures of them together for about 2 months to prove it! (July 18)

 First wagon ride (July 21)

Painting toenails (July 23, 2011)

first dining out & waiting for a table at PF Changs (the kids went through a bowl of rice by themselves!) July 24

Trying on Mommy's shoes (August 25)

 Playing in the sprinkler=HUGE hit! Anytime they see running water like this they yell "Arms Up" code for take these clothes off, I want to go play in the water (July 30)

Eating Krispy Kreme donuts=insanely hyper for about 30 minutes and then crashed on the drive home (August 25)

First craft project if you can call it that. Definitely won't have anything on Etsy anytime soon! (August 27)

First time to use shaving creme or pretend to use daddy's (Sept. 8)

 First winter coats (September 8)

First time at the beach...going to have to watch these digging pros and help exhort that energy towards some sand castles (Oct. 11)

First Halloween costumes & Trick-r-treating.
Learning to trick-r-treat was fun and interesting! the first house we went to when the door was opened, Amiya just walked right in and Malakai was close behind. I don't think they understood why we were all laughing so much. Thankfully the family who opened the door was very friendly! Once we finally got them out of the house, we headed to the next house. When the door wasn't opened immediately, Amiya decided she would open the door! We only had 1 fit where a bag of candy was thrown on the ground, the rest of the night went pretty smoothly!

There's still a lot of firsts to come. I can't wait to see what Thanksgiving and Christmas will be like!

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  1. They are just so precious, Danielle! I know you are making some wonderful memories! Keep that camera handy at all times! XOXO to you and your family!