Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monkey's & Giraffe's

 Our first halloween was fun and interesting! I found some cute costumes at TJ Maxx. The giraffe was the first costume I found. Malakai screamed and said "Noooo" when I showed it to him. Amiya liked it and put the "hat" on~perfect! I started looking for a second costume and Malakai kept giving the same response as he did for the giraffe until I found the Monkey costume. 

We brought them home & tried them on and they loved them! loved that they had tails and they did NOT want to take them off! For the next few weeks they asked every day about the monkey & giraffe!

When we started getting closer to wearing the costume time, we realized both Amiya & Malakai were making monkey sounds.  Well, a Giraffe clearly can't walk around sounding like a Monkey so Wes & I looked at each other trying to figure out what sound a Giraffe makes & he finally yells "looka-looka-looka." Amiya looked at us like we were crazy and she still refuses to make the sound, on rare occasions, you can get Malakai to make the sound. I have a feeling they know the truth about Giraffe sounds!

 My office had a little parade for all the kids, we had to practice saying "Trick-r-treat" and holding a bag at the same time. This was our best attempt at a family picture.

Halloween night was hilarious. We have always gone to a friends' house for halloween so we continued that tradition and went trick-r-treating with their 4 year old son.

The first house we stopped at, when the door opened Amiya walked straight in the door and Malakai followed. It was hilarious the families who's home they just walked into laughed (thankfully) and had several small children who looked all ready to head out the door. Amiya seemed very confused why she wasn't being welcomed into the home & why mom & dad weren't following!

We finally got them out of the house & headed to the next. The door wasn't opening quick enough so Amiya decided she was going to open it for them! By the third house we were figuring it out & they were pros with all the other kids by the end of the night.

I can't help while enjoying this time with our children, also thinking about the many families in the world who would love to just have a piece of bread to fill their bellies and here we are collecting about 10 pounds CANDY. You can help in a multitude of ways. I've added a tab to our blog with a variety of organizations out there who help families & children around the world in a variety of ways.

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