Monday, November 28, 2011

Africa to America: Christmas Part 1

Hard to believe a year ago, we were in the "process" of adopting 2 children and curious about what Christmas would be like for them. Hard to conceptualize how different this Christmas will be for them and what they must be thinking.  We have such an awesome opportunity to begin new traditions, to decide how our family will celebrate, how this crazy guy with a red suit & long beard that everyone keeps asking them about and they have no idea what you're talking about will work into our celebration of what we really are celebrating- birth of Jesus Christ.

Here's some of the questions we've been asked.
Q: Are the kids ready for Santa Clause?/ What is Santa bringing the kids?
A: They have no idea what that/he is. We're still trying to understand why there are trees with lights on them inside our house but we REALLY like looking and touching the lights

Q: Are you going to do "Santa" with the kids?
A: I think it's difficult in our culture to not at least talk about/tell them about "Father Christmas"/Santa Clause. We'll likely do the cute picture of them sitting on Santa's lap but we haven't decided if we're going to do presents from "Santa" under the tree and pretend like he's this real guy who lands on our roof top and comes down our non-existent chimney. I'm honestly split right now, it's fun, imaginative and all that but at the same time, I don't want them to look forward to Santa and not look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus. I know this forces us to be intentional and I've been reading several opinions but would love to hear more ideas/traditions that you've done or started with your family.

Q: You mean they didn't have Santa Clause in Uganda?
A: well, I've heard that some guys do dress up in Santa/Father Christmas outfits but it's not quite the marketing /commercialized holiday that it is here. For most Ugandans (I hear), it's most important for them to come together as a family, celebrate with a big meal and spend time together (not inserting batteries into the newest noise making toy!) I definitely think they've been doing this holiday the right way!

We obviously still have a lot to decide on and a lot to discuss as a new family!

Stay tuned for pics & more on Christmas!

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