Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doctor Visit

Today at 1:15pm we have an appointment with a GI specialist for Malakai. Some of you may know that he has some digestive issues. Without going into a log of detail, here's a quick summary of what we know:
  • He had Pyloric Stenosis as an infant and corrective surgery at approx. 3 months of age (hence the huge scar across his the US, this surgery would have been done with a laser leaving no scar)
  • His "long calls" (ie. bowel movements) came every 10 days at best after surgery
  • In late April of 2011 he was placed in the care of a social worker (3 years old), with an adjusted and more nutritional diet his long calls were approx. every 5-7 days and continue at this frequency despite various OTC treatments
  • After an appointment with the International Adoption Clinic we discovered he had a parasite and began a 10 day treatment which we hoped would clear up the problem (nothing changed)
  • After various over the counter treatments and no change, nothing that helps, we find ourselves at another Dr. appointment hoping we can find some relief for our son. 
We ask for your prayers for some answers. It is honestly miraculous that he has survived so much already. He is so frightened by Dr. visits, especially those sterile metal tables. It's hard to see him so scared and in so much pain. We've been praying that the Dr. and nurses we see tomorrow will be patient, kind and caring. For wisdom and knowledge. We're thankful that so far no doctors have  passed off his digestive problems as common childhood constipation. We are anxious for answers!