Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The big Dr. appointment

Today we took the kids to the International Adoption Clinic. Everyone there was fantastic. We so appreciated everyone's kindness towards both us and the kids, it truly felt like they were there to help and we didn't get that rushed get you in and out to see the next patient feeling. As parents we give them 2 thumbs up. I think the kids would do the same until it was time for labwork!

They had to get about 8 vials worth of blood from each child. They check for everything including what vaccines the kids have already had so we don't give them unnecessary shots. I sat with Amiya when she had blood drawn and Wes went with Malakai to have an x-ray done on his stomach to try to figure out what's going on with his digestive system.  It took 3 nurses to hold Amiya and she pulled against the needle while screaming her lungs out!  They only got about 1/2 the blood they needed after poking both of her arms. The supervisor let them do a finger-prick on slides to get the rest of the blood they needed.  Wes said Malakai was so scared when he had the x-ray done that his bottom was shaking. Then he still had to have blood taken.  Thankfully they were able to get all the blood from him from one arm.

After, we took the kids to Mt. Fuji for a little Hibachi experience and they really enjoyed it.  I think for the most part they forgot about their boo boo's. Although there was one time when I took Amiya to the bathroom and when she started to stray I grabbed her wrist to direct her in the right direction and she pulled her arm down from mine holding her elbow and hanging that side of her body low to remind me that she had a boo boo. It was a little funny and made me wonder if she'll be a drama queen when she gets injured!

We won't have any results for about a week but hoping and praying that we'll be able to find out more about Malakai's stomach issues.

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