Saturday, July 9, 2011

Visiting Jiajia (grandma)

Today we went to visit the twins Jiajia (grandma) at her home. We were thrilled that she asked us to come visit and meet more of the family and well as the friends & neighbors who have helped raise these 2 amazing children. When we arrived, Jiajia greeted us with hugs, not the norm in Ugandan culture. We have been so blessed to have this amazing woman who has done so much to care for these kids and now she welcomes us into her home, as a part of her family now. The uncle, aunt and several neighbors were already at the house when we arrived. Our friend and driver Stephan helped interpret to introduce us to everyone, though most spoke at least a little English. Every once in a while we'd here "Muzunga" and know they were saying something about us but from what we could tell, they all seemed to like us!

Grandma greeting us at her home

Amiya and Malakai enjoying some traditional food, exactly the way they like it...fingers only!

Grandma's house

The kids were both coughing and sneezing most of the night so we knew it was going to be a long day for them. Mommy & Daddy are also feeling under the weather so we are also very tired. We stopped to pick up an antibiotic for the kids today so hopefully they'll be feeling better before we get on a plane to come home. Speaking of coming home, you may be wondering what's going on since we got the positive ruling.  Well, since getting that positive ruling, we still had to get a physical done for the state of Alabama. After we had the physical done, we found out that what we had done wasn't enough and they also wanted a TB test done as well as an HIV test done.  We're obviously a little frustrated as there's no form that the state will give us to know what has to be done, it's just up to their discretion I guess. Anyway, we have to get the rest of the medical information to our State, we're supposed to receive the rest of our paper work to take to the Embassy by 9am.  We have to have all of our paper work turned into the Embassy by 9am in order to keep our 2pm Visa interview appointment.

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