Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visa Interview

Early this morning I left to take the remaining paper work to the Embassy. They granted us an interview at 2pm. We have 1 more document they are requiring tomorrow morning. I'll have to drop it at the very bright and early hour of 7:30am.

Thank you for so many words of encouragement regarding children and behavior. I failed to mention they've also had runny noses and they've been sick so I think that may have contributed to some of the behavior as well. Today was a little better and tonight I've had a migraine. Wes let me lay in bed in the dark while he fed the kids. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Amiya brought me a bottled water and laid in bed with me for about 10 seconds. It was sweet and kind, I needed that!

Before we came home this evening, we took the kids to get their hair cut. We weren't sure how they would do and asked Stephan to tell them in Luganda what we were about to do. They both immediately put their hands on their heads and started rubbing their hair. No tears, hilarious and both seemed excited. They did great, sat still for the longest I've seen so far! These kids don't seem to be afraid of much and they're not shy either. I'm very interested and a little nervous to see how they do on the airplane and in the airport. We're hoping they'll sleep at least part of the way!

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  1. Can't wait to hear you're coming home! I got a migraine while we were there, too. Glad the hubby came through for you. See you soon!!