Monday, July 11, 2011

Visa Interview a no go

We were supposed to have our Visa interview at the US Embassy today at 2pm (7am Central). Unfortunately we didn't have all the necessary paperwork to proceed. We were supposed to turn in all our paper work at the Embassy by 9am.

We went to the Embassy with the paperwork that we did have ready hoping that we might still be seen or at least they could speak with the grandmother.  They could not do anything for us without all of the paperwork.  We  completely understand why but were a little frustrated for the grandmother who traveled so far and now will need to make another trip to Kampala.  Thankfully the grandmother has been very gracious and agreed to come back when we knew something more for the visa interview. We were originally hoping to leave for the states on Wednesday but now we will hope we can have our visa interview on Wednesday and possibly leave on Friday (arriving on Saturday) but we haven't received any flight itineraries yet and we hear flights are tight on space.

As disappointing as it was to have to miss our Visa interview today, we've honestly been very blessed to have such a smooth process. We are grateful and know only God could have orchestrated this timing. He knows exactly what we need and his timing is perfect. We rest in that tonight. Also thankful for power and water as we had neither yesterday! Another reminder of why I don't voluntarily go camping  :)

The kids are doing good. This parenting thing is a lot of hard work and a lot of times not pretty. Not to mention we're trying to train and re-train 3 years into 2 kids who don't speak our language and in fact don't speak very much at all.  We are realizing how far behind they are on speaking. They understand both Luganda and English but speak very little of either.  They're retaining a few words like: car, nose, NO, TeeTee, Bible and cup please. Colors, numbers, alphabet, animals and sounds and much more we're still working on.  Knowing this now, I wish we would have bought more preschool/my first words etc. type of books.  Disciplining and expectations are getting better. Amiya was hitting and biting a lot when we first got her. There was lots of screaming, blood curdling screams and moments I wanted to pull my hair out and give up.  I was reminded of a recent conversation we had with several parents at church who talked about their "strong-willed" child and Wes and I were just amazed because now you would never know it! So, we pray. Pray that we are disciplining out of love and not frustration or anger or pain. Malakai is a lot more laid back but can still get very angry and hit or bite. His cries are much more pouty like he got his feelings hurt. It's so pitiful! For the most part the worst of their attitudes come out when they are tired or hungry. Once they have food in their belly they are much happier children and understandably so.  We have stretched them a lot these last few days. Even through they were never really used to having naps, all of the appointments, waiting, delays etc I think they've been pretty amazing kids and we are so blessed to have them in our lives!

Malakai on our way to court this is one cool kid!

Amiya wouldn't stand still long enough to get a good picture of her in her little court outfit

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