Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Positive Ruling

We had our ruling scheduled for 3:30 (7:30am central) today. While we waited, we were able to spend more time with the grandmother and kids. It was good, overwhelming and hilarious at times. I would try to take 1 to the bathroom, the other would follow and head the opposite direction down the hallway! Oh my our hands will be full. I’m thankful I’m not trying to do this here alone.

The grandmother came again today for the ruling. We weren’t sure if she would come as it’s a long road to travel back and forth. She brought more fruit for us and the kids. We are overwhelmed by this woman and the love she has shown for people she’s barely met and can hardly speak to with the language barrier. She also invited us to her home so we will go and are thankful for the opportunity to see where she lives, where our kids lived so we can tell them more about it when they grow older and begin to ask questions. We know that day will come and we hope we can effectively share all the love that there is for them both here in Uganda and in the US.

It's been another long day with no naps and LOTS of cheerios (good call Sheryl!) The kids are doing great, they're beginning to say "cup pease" which is precious. We're working on thank you, sorry and share. Malakai Wasswa (means first born of twins) is so much like Wes, he will eat just about anything you put in front of him and then will go sit at his sister's spot and eat the rest of her food.  He also seems to be left handed and seems to be pretty athletic. He can throw a ball straight enough & high enough for us to catch it in the air. He the more laid back one of the 2, his smile is awesome and he gives great kisses. Amyia Nakato (means 2nd born of twins) is more of the picky eater. She won't eat much meat but she eats LOTS of vegetables & fruits. She went to town on my guacamole & tomatoes but wouldn't have anything to do with the Quesadilla.  She decides when she's ready to be in a better mood again and have I mentioned, the strong willed child!? We have started to see her kindness when Malakai cries, she says "babie" and does something to try to make him feel better. It's super sweet and very cute.  They both LOVE people and want to give lots of hugs. We've also had the opportunity to see them greet someone as they would in their village-they give their hand as if to shake and then kneel down.

Amyia said "bye bye" to her caretakers and hopped in the drivers seat of the car. I think she's asking for the keys!

Malakai is hilarious, makes this face a lot, especially while he was figuring out the snack cups

Amyia likes coloring and LOVES that bow (good call small group girls!)

Sitting on the porch playing, coloring and watching our friend Stephan wash his car


  1. The picture of your precious family after court makes my heart swell and my eyes fill with tears. So excited for your family!!!

  2. God is good!!!! They've grown so much since February! So excited for y'all!

  3. So happy for you all! Your first family photo is great. I can't believe how quickly you got a second hearing AND a positive ruling! It's so great to finally be able to see pictures of the kids and learn a little more about them. I hope whatever else you have to take care of before leaving Uganda goes well. So excited!

  4. These pictures are darling. Such precious children. Can't wait to meet the twins. I'm thrilled to be a Grandma at last!

  5. Love how they are riding to boda boda double!!! Hope you are enjoying your time at the guest house and I hope you get to come home soon!

  6. Precious! Praise God for a positive ruling!