Thursday, July 7, 2011

Little colds

Today we went back to the IOM (they do the medicals for the Embassy) to make sure their TB tests were ok. Thankfully they were all good! We then had to go to another hospital to get just a physical to send to the state of Alabama. Unfortunately, IOM & the Embassy won't share the medicals with the state...I know it doesn't make sense but such is a lot of this process! These poor kiddos were NOT happy about going to the Dr. again. Amyia has had a little cough and runny nose so we asked about it. I've been thinking it's a cold and we've been giving her some Advil which has helped a little. the Dr. said it's allergies and gave us a prescription. So far it's not helping.  As I type this, I can hear her little cough in the bedroom, it's pitiful and I feel so helpless. She needs here sleep or she will be VERY grumpy tomorrow! I'm pretty sure this means Malakai will have it too, and momma is feeling a little stuffy nosed, sore throat myself.

Here's a picture of Amyia greeting the Dr. in the traditional way a child would in Uganda. 

Aside from not feeling so hot, it was a good day. They took about an hour nap for the first time in several days...we've been stretching them for sure. We know they need naps but it also makes it harder to get them to go to sleep at night, they weren't used to a nap time to begin with so we try not to let them sleep for longer than an hour.  It certainly helps with their attitudes during the day! Other than running to the medicals this afternoon, we spent our time here at the guest house playing, running around, trying to pet the dog that lives here. They love to check and see if he's around the corner but then scream and squeal if he gets too close. I think both of them have touched him once so it's a start! We're also starting to enjoy bubbles. They'll now chase the bubbles and try to pop them. The first day we had them, I blew bubbles and they were scared at first, eventually they'd watch the bubbles but didn't like it if they popped on them.

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