Friday, July 22, 2011

It's hard to believe 1 week ago today we were leaving Uganda. In some ways it seems so much longer ago but in other ways it seems like yesterday. Everything is brand new for all of us.  Wes and I are learning how to be parents, how to discipline, not skip meals, allow extra time for getting kids ready, don't forget snacks and sippy cups when we leave and for goodness sake don't forget extra pull-ups!! For Malakai and Amiya, they're learning a new language, a new way of doing everything--eating with silverware, dogs can be pets (not just wild scary animals), hold our hands when we're out-don't run into the street, new foods-and not eating off the floor, new beds, how to obey etc. Can you imagine? 

Malakai on our way to the airport in Uganda
Amiya looking out the plane's window
We think they're doing great and they're pretty great kids! They've not been scared or intimidated by much. There's several words they'll say now without any prodding from us: monkey, juice, truck, apple, pineapple, Miles, Charlie (our cat & dog), and a few others.  "Car" and "Ball" are still sometimes spoken in English and sometimes in Luganda.

Before we left Uganda, we stopped at this little place on the beach where they served Pizza and other american type foods. It was good and fun for the kids. They loved the sand and we probably brought some back with us. They thought it was hilarious to fall in the sand or face plant into the sand. Part of me cringed thinking about how dirty they were getting. On the other hand, they're 3 years old and we're about to expect them to sit still for the next 30 hours!

We were obviously concerned about the flight and how they would do for the next 30+ hours.  Fortunately (I can say this now) the worst part of the traveling was in the Uganda airport. They screamed and kicked and screamed bloody murder some more (they didn't like having boundaries and wanted to play freely).  We weren't sure if we would get through security and several let us know how "excited" they were to be on our same flight. At that point, I didn't really want to be on our flight either!! Fortunately, once we got to our gate, there were a few other children to play with and we gave them lots of water and cheerios and things got much better. Amiya pitched one more major fit on the tarmac. She wanted to carry our bookbag which was very heavy and did not want to hold my hand to get onto the plane...she'd rather run back & forth through security! That ended with me holding Malakai, Amiya kicking & screaming as everyone was boarding the plane etc. I even became that pesky mother who hits everyone on their way to their seat on the plane because of all the bags I had and the small child I was carrying!  I now understand why they let parents with very young children board first!

Once on the plane, the buttons on each individual TV screen were completely mind boggling for the kids and kept them preoccupied until they fell asleep. Speaking of sleep, several have asked about their sleeping habits. They have slept through the night thankg goodness!

Speaking of sleep, it's about that time for me too! Will write more later when my eyes aren't fighting to stay open!

Back at home in our wagon

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  1. i love your blog! you and wes are going to be wonderful parents, i just know it. keep that good sense of humor and that will take you a long way. what an exciting adventure for you all.lov y'all and praying for your sweet little family. aunt gail