Tuesday, July 5, 2011

court tomorrow

We haven't had power the past  couple days while we've been at the guest house (it's come on while we're out) so I haven't been able to post much. But, it's been good to have undistracted time with the kids. We are loving Uganda, naturally we miss some of the comforts of home but it is good to be away from them too. God is so good and His glory is being revealed here in Uganda and around the world!

We have court tomorrow at 3:30 our time (7:30am central). Please pray, we're a little anxious about the ruling.

The past couple day's we've been able to get the kids medicals done for the embassy, we've spent a good deal of time with them and some of the disciplining is getting better. Not as much hitting or biting anyway! We still have a lot of bonding to do with them. Anytime they see a new person they want to run to them and be picked up. Everyone smiles at how friendly they are! Eventually I'll write a little bit about where we're staying which may I say their hospitality puts "southern hospitality" to shame! We've had an amazing time and have been blessed greatly.

Today we also got to go meet Allan who we sponsor through Compassion International. wow, such an amazing opportunity and something I'll have to write more about later and include pictures :) He wore a suit to school today to greet us in. He bought the suit with money we had given him for his birthday. I can't imagine how hot he must have been! He was a little shy and quiet at first and gradually warmed up to these 2 Muzungas! As we walked around the town where the school & compassion project were, all the kids yelled "bu bye Muzunga" and waved to us. It's the first we've really heard ourselves being called that (white people). Many of them smile and laugh at us too.  We also had the opportunity to meet Allan's family, his mother, father, grandmother and 3 younger siblings.  Let me just say that Compassion is the Real Deal! His family greeted us with the warmest hand shakes and his grandmother with a big hug (they don't hug much here!). They fed us true Ugandan cuisine which my mom will be very proud that I ate (cabbage, greens, pumpkin, rice, ground nuts (or something purple), bananas, rice. The twins loved the food too which was great since A has been a little picky lately.  M will eat just about anything you put in front of him! We were greatly blessed by them and wish we could have done more for them.  I was also very impressed that the gifts we gave Allan were immediately shared with his siblings, there was no grabbing or snatching, just love.

I'm sure this post seems very scattered, I feel scatter brained as there's so much I want to share and I will, eventually. For now I should close, it's 11:23pm in Uganda and I still have much to do!


  1. Your Mom's proud of you for experimenting with Ugandan delicacies.

  2. We're definitely praying! Thanks for the update!

  3. How wonderful that you got to meet the boy you sponsor through Compassion International! I'm sure that was a great thrill for you and for Allan and his family.

    I just saw a commercial that the Pujols Family Foundation (baseball great Albert Pujols and his wife, Miege alum Dee Dee Corona) have partnered with Compassion to drum up more support for the organization. I hope their partnership does even more great things for Compassion!