Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coming Home

Tomorrow (Friday) at Noon (4am central) we are scheduled to pick up the visas at the Embassy. Then we should be flying out of Uganda at 11:30pm. It’s hard to believe our time in Uganda is coming to a close. We have very much enjoyed being in this beautiful country. I think I’ve mentioned before that the hospitality here puts our “southern hospitality” to shame. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. We’ve enjoyed the guesthouse and everyone here who makes it a wonderful place to stay. It’s been good to live differently, to lose electricity every once in a while. To see the value of community played out in everyday life of the people here and to learn a little bit about another culture and to eat the most delicious pineapple (I don’t normally eat pineapple) and bananas made 5 different ways!

While we will miss our new friends here, we also look forward to heading home and beginning a new life together as a family of 4. I know it will be hard, I know it will be an adjustment in more ways than I can imagine right now but God is faithful and I know without a doubt that he hasn’t brought us this far in our journey to leave us alone. He will always be near, sufficient, my strength, my comfort in all my weaknesses. I’m excited to see what God has in store for these kids, they are His beautiful creation and we hope and pray that they will grow to serve Him and glorify His name.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and for walking with us through this journey you are just as much a part of these children’s lives!  As we head home and continue bonding with these children we need your help! I think I’ve mentioned briefly that literally a village has raised these children. When we went to visit the grandmother, she explained how all these different women have helped her in different ways with the children. This is amazing community at work. The hard part for us is that this also means that the children will go to just about anyone to meet their needs; whether it’s food, potty, sippy cup, shoes etc. While we want you to love our children and high five or Bonga (pound) with them and play with them, we ask that you allow us to meet their needs. I think one of our biggest challenges in gaining their trust has been when others “meet a need” for them, we are almost starting over in gaining their trust-they begin swatting at us more often, cry (or wail) when we pick them up b/c it’s time to leave or b/c they’re standing in someone’s office where they don’t need to be etc. These kids are not shy by any means and it makes them so irresistible (at least we think so). We’re obviously not asking you to stay away or don’t come near them, just point them in our direction for the next couple months to meet their needs. You are our village and will certainly need your help and prayers and advice!

Please also bear with us as we try to teach them when it’s appropriate to scream, whisper, run or sit still. Some days here I’ve wanted to hide under a rock but then I think-they’re 3 years old, of course they’re going to run in circles! I know there’s a balance though and we’re trying to figure it out J

We’re excited to be back and see everyone. We’re scheduled to arrive in Birmingham at 9:00pm on Saturday July 16!


  1. When you mentioned you were going to Uganda, I didn't know you were going to adopt-- Holy Cow! I'm praying your trip back goes smoothly! You guys are amazing! I hope I get to meet these two precious children one day!

  2. We are praying for all four of you all! Praise God! Love you all! You all are an amazing mommy and daddy!