Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer = Camp

School's out for the summer & now it's camp season! Teenagers, youth ministers, parents, college students and volunteers are getting ready for camp (and so am I). Camp played such an important role in my life and my relationship with Christ. I grew up going to and then working at Kansas City Youth For Christ's L-Bar-C camp (now Youthfront Camp West). Now, 20 years later I'm still loving camp and working for a summer camp!

My best friend since 3rd grade found some letters I wrote her while I was at camp. These letters gave me such great insight into my middle school years. HA! Don't you worry, the next 2 letters are so much more interesting! I love that I had paper specifically for summer camp letters.

In case you can't read it, it says:
Andrea, Hey girl! whats up? I'm at camp of course. That is kind of a stupid reason to be grounded but oh well. I'm in the meeting right before lunch now. Now I'm in my cabin. I'm gonna ride horses today, don't worry, it is the first time this week & I haven't even been on the blob yet! There's a couple people here that you know {names} are all in my cabin. I'm staying in the same room with {names}.
Guess what I met a guy from SMW and he is a yell leader cool huh?
{name} is working in the kitchen this week and {name} is a lifeguard oh also, {name}, he is a horse wrangler this week and he will be down here week #9 & I'll be here too, strange who you meet here isn't it?
Well, I better go, I gotta change for the horses.
PS. I finally figured out the fold over seashell card thing, thanks a lot!!

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