Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Camp letter #3

Here's another camp letter from those good old middle school days. I'm obviously back at camp for this one as I declare the food is gross!

This one says:
Andrea, I have not ridden the trail bikes & I don't really want to. I'll tell you why later. [I really wish I new why]
I did ride the horses and that was fun (*pause)
The peoples in my room have to go to bed even though it isn't 11:15.
One of the friends that I made, Kelly, her horse reared & bucked. They have a real neat water slide & when I was riding down it I got stuck so I had to walk down all of the sudden some girls came down real fast & they couldn't stop. So when they hit me they threw me over to the wall and I got a big bruise and it hurts, it's right on my hip bone.
I got your letter on Thursday, so I don't have much time to write you.

There are some cute boys here though I don't know what all their names are. One name is John-John or Jon-Jon, oh-well.

Life isn't very well, their food doesn't taste very good. I like your labels, they're neat. {Name} has been bragging & no {name} did not get her hair cut yet. We sit where we want to at meals. {Names} have been flurting with a whole bunch of boys. I am sleeping on the bottum bunk, because {name} wants to sleep on the top. I gotta go to bed now. BY!

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