Monday, June 27, 2011

Parting thoughts

We're sitting in the Birmingham Airport ready to start our trip. I think we've packed everything including the kitchen sink! Finally having a chance to pause from thinking about the details, paper work and packing and transition into thinking about the kids, meeting them, and wondering how they will respond. It makes me nervous, starting to think of all the what if's but God is Sovereign, he reigns no matter what.

Boarding plane now, more later!

Update: 11:10am central
We're in Charlotte now. Our flight leaves at 2:18 for Washington. When we arrive, we'll have to pick up our luggage and re-check it with a different airline. We only have a 2.5 hour layover so we're hoping for no delayed flights! I guess we're learning our lesson...don't book a flight where you change airlines to go international! oh well! We have 4 large bags and each have 2 carryons so it will be very interesting carting that much luggage and then re-checking through security.  All of our checked bags were very close to the 50lb weight limit. so we're hoping the scales in DC don't show differently! Once we board our flight in Washington and head to Brussels, we'll start functioning on "Uganda time" It will be about 1am in Uganda when we fly out. Hopefully our bodies will adjust well. We only got about 2-3 hours of sleep last night so I think we'll sleep well on the plane!

Please pray that we will not be anxious and we will handle any little adventures in a way that would glorify our Lord. We are both tired and need to be patient with each other. :) Please also pray for my co-workers, we have a camp in Orange Beach that starts today and I'm just praying that everything goes smoothly while I'm out...shout out to Melissa, Aaron, Michelle, Amanda and everyone else who's got my back.


  1. Here in Uganda now! Perhaps we will meet in person! Safe travels!