Sunday, June 19, 2011

Court date!

Back in the spring our lawyer was trying to get us a court date by the end of May because courts were closing for the month of June. When that didn't happen, I had resigned my self to being ok with the thought that we probably wouldn't be able to go until August or sometime in the fall. Courts are closing again July 15-Aug. 15. Well, we received a court date for July 1! I'm a little in shock right now and feel like I have that deer in headlights look! We're so excited and have been so blessed. God's timing is perfect and while we don't understand, he does. Adoption carries a different timeline for everyone. We know so many families who waited years for a court date, for us, we're only in month 8 of the entire process. If I could be completely honest, I'm just waiting for something to hit the fan. I hate to say that out loud, it makes me nervous but it's how I feel right now...anything could happen!

If you like a little more detail, keep reading.

We were under the impression that all courts in Uganda were closed for the month of June. After hearing about other families getting court dates in June, I'm think that just the courts in Jinja were closed for June. We were originally going to file in Jinja (about 1 hour east of Kampala). Our lawyer found out that the judge in Jinja wouldn't be returning until August because of a reassignment so she decided to file for court in Kampala instead. Courts in Kampala are closing for July 15-August 15. We will have to go to court 2 times before we're able to apply for American Visas to bring the kids home. The first court date, on July 1 will be the hearing. Then, the judge will schedule a time for us to come back for the ruling (decision). I hope and pray that date will be before July 15.

We have heard to plan on staying in Uganda for 3-4 weeks. This is of course assuming we can get both court dates in before courts close on July 15. Anything could happen!

Here's the next few steps for us:
June 27-Leave for Uganda
June 28-Arrive in Uganda
June 29-Go to US Embassy to begin filing our paperwork with them (they will do their own orphan investigation)
somewhere in here meet our lawyer & kids!
July 1-11am (3am central US time) first court date
Wait for judge to make a decision, then return to court for that decision/ruling
Return to court to receive the written ruling
Schedule a medical (must take place before interview with Embassy)
Get passport pictures of children
Return to Embassy on multiple occasions to turn in paperwork
Once all paperwork is turned into the Embassy, schedule an interview to receive visa for children

We would appreciate your prayers for:
1. For us to be able to get both court dates before courts close on July 15
2. Please pray for the judge and his family. Pray for wisdom, guidance and discernment as he has big decisions to make!
3. Please pray that we will bond with our children quickly
4. Please pray for our Lawyer and the social worker caring for our children
5. Please pray for our hearts to be prepared for all God shows us and puts before us

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  1. Praise the Lord! I was just referred to your blog by our social worker and am thrilled I found you! My husband and I are in month 3 currently of the process, and we just finished our homestudy, waiting for our biometrics invitation. We are approved for two little ones under age 5, and nearly speechless with excitement.

    Our process has felt like it is going SO quick, and yours has, too! WOW! When we started in March, we prayed that we'd be a family of four by Christmas, and we are still praying that thought. We rejoice with you in your court date and are certainly praying fervently that all is resolved before the courts close on the 15th.

    We love your family already! Eagerly awaiting to hear more news regarding this journey of yours!
    -Emily and Daniel