Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Camp letter #2

Sorry for the pause in adoption updates. We're in another waiting stint since the courts are closed this month. We are hoping to get a court date in Uganda as soon as possible.

So, in the mean time, I'm reminiscing about camp since my best friend sent me some letters she found that I wrote to her while one of us or both of us were at camp. It looks like I wrote all these letters in middle school...I had so many interesting things to say!

This one says:
Andrea, I had to get the address from your mother because when I called Katie (on Sunday) she was paking to leave. Hold on my dog says Hello, he wants to help write this letter. Tomorrow Mon. I told her you said goodbye & would miss her so she will be gone by the time you get home. :(
We are letting the dog inside a little bit yesterday Mon. he was on his leash inside but today Tues he is without his leash. The cat still doesn't like the dog. The dog got some shots last Friday and enjoyed playing with the other dogs there.
It's very boring around here without someone to do stuff with. Are there any cute boys there? did you get the top bunk? are u having fun? have u eaten all the candy yet? do u still have that little package of those little candy's? have you spent all your money yet? have you gone horse back riding? do you like this letter (mark one) ___Yes ___No

Is it hot? It's hot here (sizzeling) Since you couldn't come to Icthuse I invited Ashley but she couldn't come. Well I better go so I can get this in the mail :)
PS Write back NOW!!
PSS Have a good time

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