Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hair Care

We've been trying to learn about hair care and how it will differ. We knew some of the very basics but not enough! Every opportunity we had to ask for help, we did and usually got laughed at! I can't blame them. Well, we finally asked for help at the right time, from the right person! She laughed at us at first but then offered very kindly to help. She would be happy to meet us at a store and walk us through what we needed. She said she'd like to open up a cultural learning center one day to help families who are adopting or foster children to know how to care for different hair and skin types.

Here's what I learned:

You need the right tools! For a girl, a wide tooth comb (far left), a "tail comb" for the part and to comb out any other knots in the hair. Brush/comb from the bottom up. For a boy, the military brush (soft bristles) and NEVER comb from front to back or he'll get a receding hairline! Brush hair in the direction it's growing or to the front. Who knew!

A good shampoo without all the chemicals (sulfate, citric/salicylic acid etc.). You want to keep oil in the hair or you'll have breakage. Wash hair twice with shampoo (I'm not sure why but I've heard this several times). Wash hair bi-weekly or weekly.

Next up, conditioner. As usual, leave in for 3 minutes and then rinse.

Deep conditioner: Leave in for 30 minutes (cover hair with a shower cap) then rinse. I think this is as needed or maybe once a week. I can't remember but it will help the hair be softer.

Just use a good old fashion shower cap when using the deep conditioner. You can use the same shower cap multiple times before tossing.

Leave-in conditioner. Just like with my hair, this will help with the tangles. Need to use 3 times a week to keep hair soft and healthy. Curly/corse hair needs lots of moisture.

Using a hair bonnet or "satin sleep cap" will make hair styling easier. It's also recommended to sleep on a satin pillow case (or use the bonnet). Cotton pillow cases pull the moisture out of the hair.

The Sea Breeze can be used once a month as a scalp refresher. It will help with oil build up and any cuts that might be present.

And finally, the Tea Tree oil. This can be used for any skin/scalp irritations and to help if their scalp itches.

Other notes she made for me:
  • Oil scalp weekly
  • If the kids go swimming, wash their hair immediately. That Chlorine might make my hair turn green but it will strip the oils out of their hair
  • Blow dry or Plait (braid) hair to air dry. I guess the braiding or plaiting will have to wait until she has longer hair!
  • Do hair at night and use the hair wrap (bonnet) to sleep in, this will make mornings go much smoother
  • Boys are much easier (I think this is always the case no matter your hair type) just shampoo and condition weekly, use a moisturizer after washing. You can use a do-rag to keep his hair flowing in one direction or to create waves.
  • Braided styles will save you a lot of time, just be sure to oil the scalp and use the head wrap.
I'm so thankful for the time she took to teach me how to care for our children's hair! That may sound silly but we realize it's different than ours and requires different care. The above hair care regimen is the basics to get us started. Depending on their hair type, some things may change. Many of our friends use Carol's Daughter which I hear is a fantastic product. But, we were able to get all of the items pictured above for about the same price or less than just the basics in this line!

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