Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Advice needed!

Over the past couple weeks we've gone to a couple consignment sales. It's overwhelming to say the least! We feel like we have no idea what we're doing or looking for or should be looking for! Our other humbling realization is these kids are probably going to remember all the stupid things we do in trying to figure out how to care for them!

So, we need your help and advice! Don't stop reading if you think this doesn't apply to you because you don't have kids yet. We spent much of last weekend learning about car seats~ and the differences between a car seat, booster seat, convertible seat & a 3-in-1 seat. Oh my goodness, it's enough to make your head spin! Anyway, we want to hear your thoughts on things we'll need for a toddler, 3 years old. I guess need might not be the best word, so what are the things that have rocked your world? Those of you without kids but babysit, what are things you've used when you've cared for children? Maybe you've walked into someone esle's home and thought, "it would be helpful if they had_____."

sippy cups, bath toys, step stools, etc. bring it on! These children just turned 3 years old.
Oh, and we're also looking for (cheap) bedding, twin comforters for a boy and girl that match, any suggestions on where to get such things?

Here's to the adventures of having children!

PS. I FINALLY received my background check!


  1. We have three kiddos (ages 7, 6 and 3.5) as well as two foster kiddos (17 mos. and 5 mos.). We are also adopting from Uganda and have a referral for a 4 year old little girl.

    Here are a few items I would recommend:
    sippy cups (Playtex brand seems to leak the least IMO), small plastic cups without lids, small bowls and plastic silverware (we like the take and toss kind but we use them everyday), a large rinse cup for the bath, hooded towels (over sized), waterproof mattress pads, a step stool for the bathroom sink(we have one with two steps), a small step stool by the bathroom door (to turn on the light), night lights (for the bathroom, bedroom, hallway), umbrella stroller(s)

    I don't know where you live but I'd check Target (or target.com) for cheap and cute bedding.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Hi! got your comment. Do you guys go to David's church? If so, what a small world. ha! Something about his voice or his speaking style just sounds like he is constantly on the verge of tears! Which is neat to see that passion, but I'm like "pull it together, guy!" I don't do well with people crying... I better get used to it, huh? ;)

  3. But anyway, Uganda! ... and twins!! so exciting! I will have another friend and blog to keep up with.

    ...I will also have to watch what I say about christian authors from Alabama!

  4. I'm going to be calling you in two years looking for the same advice! I'm glad you'll have it all figured out for me! Carrie

  5. YAYYYYYYYY for a background check!!! And you guys are gonna do fine. They really won't remember much at this stage, promise. They'll love you!

  6. I found your blog from Twitter. We adopted our daughter from China last August. I was SO worried beforehand about having everything for her, but what I found out is that it's better to just go get the kid(s) and then figure out what their needs are as you get to know them. My daughter wasn't very interested in most toys (she hadn't had access to much in her orphanage). Too many toys will probably overwhelm them anyway. The clothes I had for her were all WAY too big (she was 2, but wearing 12 mos. clothes and shoes!) She was (and still is) terrified of the bathtub (for awhile she took baths in our kitchen sink! Now we have an inflatable infant tub inside our big tub). Yes, you will need car seats for when you get home - we got an adjustable Britax Marathon she will be able to use for the next several years. They may or may not want to sleep in toddler beds, or cribs, or on the floor, or in your bed with you (depending on what they've been used to!) Our daughter is now 2.5 yrs and is sleeping in a pak'n'play because out of all the options we gave her, that is what she likes best! Bottom line, follow THEIR lead. You can always make Walmart/Target trips once you are home. Congrats and good luck to you guys! :)

  7. Danielle, Labels for the sippy cups are essential especially if they will go to any kind of daycare or church nursery. there are cute cheap ones for boys and girls at Toys R Us. You can write on them with Sharpie and it's permanent or an ink rub will rub off. We use this kind in the nursery w/ a pen and reuse them each week. http://bit.ly/hBiweL

    For entertainment teaching the kids about Jesus, the latest thing out there is the BOZ dvd collection. It combines preschool basics with Christian values. I use it with the 2 and 3 year olds and the parents have started purchasing them for home. www.bozthebear.com

    They'll each need their own backpack. Kid size ones are available at Walmart and Target. You may even want to let them pick them out even.

    Really the best thing you can give them is love and attention. The rest will come with time.

    Love you guys! So Excited for you!

  8. I teach in a three year old classroom- they come in as 3's and through the year they turn 4- so this is perfect! I'll work on a list/think about things in my classroom and email ya'll soon!!!
    Lots of love to you both! :)

  9. So, I'm just catching up on your journey. My thoughts for whatever they're worth...
    I agree with many of the above comments. I personally prefer the gerber hourglass looking sippy cups, but they have a hard lid. Depending on what your sweet ones are used to drinking from they may want a softer lid. The Nubie sippy cup leaks because of the soft lid, but my kids have all liked them. We used these for transition from bottle to sippy cup. Always have wipes on hand. We still use them for Ashlynn after meals when we are away from the house. I wouldn't go crazy with toys, you get too many and they don't play with half of it. I would keep it simple especially to start off: a soft blanket and maybe a small stuffed animal. For a boy balls, for a girl dolls. I completely agree with the Boz DVD's. We just recieved one for Christmas and all three of ours love it. Our kids also like Baby Einstein (Ashlynn not so much anymore) they are slow and calming. Truthfully we don't watch much, though. Target is where we got the girls' bedding (twin and toddler). We got Jason Paul's baby bedding at Walmart. They both have cute stuff for cheap. I would find out (if possible) what they are used to before you buy too much (like one of the previous posts said). They are going to love you both and ALL parents make mistakes. No child comes with a user manual!! You love them that's what they will remember. I know you are going to be amazing parents. We love you both so much. Wish we were closer.
    Love, Lauren Morrow

  10. Danielle, I just found your blog and am catching up. Do you still need ideas? I'm just an aunt, but I have a few ideas...Heather definitely has the most ideas (the pre-k teacher + mommy experience has given her many ideas).

    *I would see if your kiddos have a comfort item at the orphanage/baby home, and if so if they can bring it to their new home with them. If not, I'd suggest trying to find something close to it - a "lovey" (blanket with stuffed animal attached) is what Caleb and Joshua both had. Just provides them with their own sense of comfort going to sleep or new places. I don't know what the adoption books say about this, so totally disregard if they nix the idea. :)
    *I think one of the funnest things when Caleb got home was not necessarily the toys, but was watching him discover his new home. Many times we'd just set him down in the living room and slowly but surely he'd go off to search his new world.
    *After many flights over to Uganda on my way to Sudan, I'd suggest having a portable DVD player (be it laptop, iPhone, or actual player- remember to take an international adaptor) to watch movies on. I'll never forget one time being stranded in the airport with the boys and desperately trying to find something to entertain Caleb - Aunt Amy to the rescue downloaded Sesame Street to my computer. Baby Einstein is great- but personally I like Praise Baby a little more.
    *Heather has great carseats for the boys...I can't think of the name, but they are 3-in-1 if I'm correct. They've held up really well.

    So that's a few ideas that I came up with. The great thing about BH is that there's many families that are/have been in the same adoption shoes and have many things that they'd say "do" or "don't do". Can't wait to continue reading and hear more about your children. So excited for you and Wes!