Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can you travel with a goat?

When I get home after work, I anxiously check our mail for my Criminal History Check. This is the LAST piece of paper we need to complete our home study and the reason I've had to be fingerprinted 3 times! I'm ready to get this process rolling!

Today, when I got home and grabbed the mail, I saw there was a letter from Allan, a child we sponsor through Compassion International. I sorted through the rest of the mail to see what else we got. Side note: I'm a save the best for last or delayed gratification type person so unless I'm in a rush, I'll save the letter from Allan to open last!

I finally open and start reading the letter, I'm also trying to eat dinner quickly so I can get to small group and having a "discussion" with Wes on the phone. I'm a little frustrated on the phone about something that's broken that we need to replace and then I read this:
"He [Allan] has a question for you.
He is asking to know when you will ever visit him so he can
give you a goat.
He says they are rearing four of them and that one is yours."

So, Wes and I are in said "discussion" and I'm frustrated so he's frustrated and I said "honey, Allan has a goat for us." We both started laughing.

Thankful to break the tension in our conversation, it was also a reminder of life outside of US and what WE are doing and our meaningless STUFF. Here is this young boy who lives in a culture that we can't even comprehend, he has never met us before yet he tells us "I Love you so much" and shares his memory verse with us (Romans3:23), tells us what he bought with the Christmas money we sent- he bought a suit, a football and sweets (and the cost of each). His family wants to give us a goat, such an important part of their survival. And his prayer request-to work harder so he can get to grade 3! I hope that we can be a glimpse of God's love and affection to Allan and his family as they have done for us. I am thankful for Compassion's calling and the responsibility they have accepted to work with the local church (a very biblical picture) to provide hope and a future while breaking the cycle of poverty one child at a time.

Allan has changed our lives for the better and is one reason we began looking into adopting from Uganda. So Allan, we're coming but maybe you can just give us a hug instead of a goat, I'm not sure how we'll get it on the plane and through customs!


  1. This post put a great big huge smile on my heart!!! I LOVE the heart of these Compassion kids, and how they're changing our lives for the better...

    "And a little child shall lead them -- with a goat in tow!"