Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fingerprinting Round 2 & Chicken Fighting

I called yesterday to find out why my husband received his Criminal History clearance & I haven't! Mine were labeled as "Unclassifiable" in their system. I was told, it could be that some information was left off of the forms or it could be the prints were smeared. considering I filled out all of the information for both of us, I guessed it was my fingerprints. When they were taken the first time, the lady taking them was a little frustrated with me because my prints weren't going on the way she wanted them too. At the end, she said my fingers were just really oily! Mental note: don't use lotion the day you have to be fingerprinted (with ink)! I'm told the Biometric (electronic scan) is exactly the opposite, you don't want your fingers to be dry.

So frustrating, this means about another month of waiting until our Homestudy can be submitted to the state for approval, then submit it to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). Trying to remember that God's timing is perfect and ordained for his purposes.

It's hard to wait, so in the mean time, I hope you can enjoy this video that my dear sweet husband took. I don't think it's THAT funny but people who have seen it tell me it made them laugh. I don't think I'm very funny (wish I was) so really, please laugh at my expense! :)

"My Wife the Chicken Fighter"

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