Thursday, January 6, 2011

Certified Certificats

I can't believe it's 2011 already! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. We spent Christmas in Kansas City and enjoyed being with family and friends! While we were in Kansas City, I wanted to try to go get Certified copies of my Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate to save on postage and shipping costs. I thought I would only be able to walk in to get our Marriage Certificate but found out my dad was able to walk in to get his Birth Certificate. We drove over to the Department of Health and Senior Services to see if we could get the Birth Certificate. We were warned that there may be a long line but I guess with it being 2 days before Christmas, there was no line at all! The woman behind the counter was friendly and helpful and it took us maybe a total of 10 min. We told her we wanted to adopt twins from Uganda and she was just so happy for us, it was sweet!

Next we drove down to the County Court House for the Marriage Certificate. When we walked in, we had to have our bags screened and go through a metal detector. Once we passed, security said "Marriage Licenses that way" and pointed us in the right direction. Kind of funny when they can pin point where you're headed. I guess they assume a happy couple walking into the court house is probably not going to court! We weren't sure how we would be received at the "Recorder of Deeds" desk, when we got our marriage license, they were not so friendly. Only one couple was in front of us and they were finishing up. The woman who helped us was very nice and friendly (personally, I don't think they can resist Wes' friendly smile). She had to get another woman to notarize the certificate and she was on her lunch break-at her desk. She gave us a little big of a hard time, jokingly, but the first woman convinced her it was for a "good cause" so she came over and notarized the certificates.

The Details:
  • We got 2 Certified copies of our Birth & Marriage Certificates. As far as we know, we'll only have to turn in 1 of each to our lawyer for court but we'll have 1 extra if needed. In most cases, a notarized copy is also accepted.
  • VitalCheck works with with many government agencies. You can order your certificates online but you'll pay a processing fee and shipping which could add an additional $20+ onto your cost. Not all states/counties/cities contract with sites like VitalCheck. After much research, I found 1 place where it mentioned that Missouri contracts with them for birth certificates but not Marriage. If for any reason our certificates were questioned in Uganda, the state will not confirm that they are certified copies.

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