Monday, December 20, 2010


As we approach Christmas, we seem to be in a time of waiting. We're waiting for our social worker to receive clearance on our Criminal History check, we're waiting for the USCIS to send us instructions to get our Biometric fingerprinting done, etc. In the mean time, we're trying to put as much information together for our Dossier as possible. The Dossier is all the paperwork that goes to our Ugandan lawyer to take before the court. Every lawyer/agency requires different information we're hearing, this is definitely no cookie-cutter process!

We got an email from our lawyer last week that she would be going to visit an orphanage and this would be an additional cost. This caught us by surprise as we understood it would be a flat rate for their services and a child referral (however, not unexpected!). We've emailed back and forth with her about this increase and she's going to try to cut some expenses and not travel to orphanages. Some orphanages will not talk to them over the phone or by email, they want an in person meeting which I can understand. We finally received another email that she was sending our profile over to an organization that may be able to help us. Again, we're waiting to see if they have any twins available for adoption.

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