Friday, December 10, 2010

little things

Little things have happened over the last week:
December 1: email from lawyer recommends Aggie's Babies home, we send them an email.

December 2: hear about another lawyer who may have some children, we email her asking for more information. Received email from Aggie's. They have 7 families on the waiting list, ask for more information about us.

December 3: received email from lawyer with pictures & more information about the children, 2 older siblings & 1 infant, we help find forever homes for them.

December 4: emailed Aggie's Babies home back, asked to be put on the waiting list, haven't heard back from her but know she runs a business as well as helping with Aggie's.

December 6: received email confirmation from USCIS that they have received our I-600A application and we should receive a "Form I-797" in 7-10 days. I'm guessing this is the form that tells us when & where to get our biometric fingerprinting done. Just hope it doesn't get scheduled for when we'll be in Kansas City over the holidays!

December 7: We've decided on a lawyer & she has sent us a list of orphanages, tells us she has twins if none of those work out, we request more information about the twins.

December 8: We receive more information about the twins with a picture, sorry, can't post it or too many details on the internet. Call Uganda to tell them we want these babies!! She will contact the grandmother to find out if they are still available.

December 9: A Doctor friend of ours came by the church, and gave me a TB test, Flu shot and Yellow Fever vaccine...I'm ready to go to Uganda! Wes went hunting so he'll have to get his later.

December 10: we find out that 3 other families have inquired about the twins and it sounds like they are much further along in the process than we are. Our hearts break but we know they need a forever home and nourishment quickly. It doesn't sound like they are officially spoken for, just inquired about...we wait. We also took our cat and dog in for their rabies vaccines. Our cat needs to go on a diet and our dog is up to 150 lbs!

The Details
  • TB test result needs to go on the Physical form that's turned into Social Worker (we had already turned ours in without the TB & thought it could be a separate medical note)
  • Our Vet gave us a Rabies Vaccine Certificate, we had them reprint so both of our names on the certificate match what our passports say, just to avoid any possible delays
  • waiting is hard

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