Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Tonight after work we gathered up our paperwork for the SBCN-Criminal History checks for Alabama DHR and our fingerprinting cards and went down to the Sheriff's Department to get our fingerprinting done. The deputy who helped us out was very nice and had done fingerprinting for several families who were adopting. We had to use the black ink rather than the scanner and she kind of kept getting onto me because my prints were smearing. We thought it was because my fingers weren't letting her move them but we decided it was because my hands were too oily. I have pretty soft hands but had also used a little lotion so that didn't help. I just hope my prints are accepted! Wes on the other hand, has a messed up pinky finger from an old football injury so on the set of 4 fingers, his pinky barely makes it on the card. We had a good laugh!

When we got home, we emailed the 3 lawyers that have been highly recommended to us and hope to hear back from them soon!

The Details:
  • We each had 2 fingerprinting cards
  • Some places charge for fingerprinting or will only do it certain days or times of the day
  • The person who does your fingerprinting has to fill out and sign certain parts of the card and possibly your other paper work as well. Make sure to take everything they need to sign
  • Don't forget Identification!
  • Rules change constantly, you may have the option to do biometric fingerprinting (a scan rather than ink)

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