Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas in Uganda

We're three days from Christmas and as we prepare for such a festive holiday, we were curious how Ugandan's celebrate Christmas. I don't claim to be an expert on this topic, as there seems to be varying opinions on the web and we've never actually been to Uganda to experience this holiday. I expect it's somewhat like celebrations in America, depending on your culture, background, etc., traditions vary from family to family.

The picture above is a child that we sponsor through Compassion International. Several years ago, we sent extra money (above our monthly sponsorship) for a Christmas present. We expected he would buy toys, a soccer ball, something he really wanted. We received this picture, and he used the money to buy a suit for Christmas! How precious!!

In Uganda, most will not have Christmas trees. Most families don't have money to buy and exchange new shiny gifts. Instead, family and friends will gather together and celebrate the holiday together with a feast, many of them will also celebrate with a new outfit. For them, spending time together celebrating Christ's birth is the most important part of the holiday.

We found this article describing African Christmas a little more.

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