Monday, November 29, 2010

Stunts for the Home Study!

Wes had his individual interview on Nov. 22. We had our marital interview this evening after work. I had our carpets cleaned today at lunch so our living room was in a little disarray but it was nice to know they're finally clean!! She asked us questions about our engagement and planning the wedding, the most difficult thing in our marriage, h
ow we argue, things like that. We also found out we still needed to get a TB test and she needed proof of rabies vaccines for our pets. She is still waiting on the results from our Criminal History check and the CA/N (Child Abuse/Neglect) to come back. Once those come back and she has the last of our paper work (TB & rabies) she'll send it all over to the Alabama DHR with our Home Study to get us approved with the State. We'll also get a copy of our Home Study to send to USCIS to add to our I-600A application.

Several times during our meetings with Leslie, we had talked about stunting. I'm not sure she knew what that meant so we told her and showed her a picture of us stunting at our wedding and she requested we "stunt" for her! It just got really cold outside so we had to do it in our living room, we did a "Hands-Cupie" if that means anything to anyone out there!

this is a "cupie"

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  1. How tall are the ceilings in your living room?! :D This is fantastic!