Friday, November 12, 2010

Starting the Details

Immediately after our Home Study started last night, we began gathering all of the information. I started making copies of originals and scanning everything that needed to be submitted. This way, if I need to find anything again, I at least have a copy on my computer for easy access (Google Docs can be very helpful in saving forms). My folder began to get very cluttered so I grabbed a large envelope and wrote down everything that the Social Worker needed. Once I had a copy in the envelope, I checked it off the list.

Tonight after work, Wes drove by Chick-fil-a and grabbed some dinner, we met up at the Urgent Care where a friend is a physician. He did our medical exam for us and offered to do the TB test but we're both going out of town this weekend. We'll have to schedule that for another time! After that, we ran home to drop off a car and headed over to the Fanning's house, one of the couple's that's agreed to help us through this process! They had some amazing chocolate mouse ready for us and made us some delicious coffee!! They answered so many of our questions and talked with us about some of their experiences so far with using a Lawyer in Uganda. They also recommend we read the book Foreign to Familiar to understand the differences in our cultures a little. They also recommended we read The Connected Child and said that helped them even bond better with their biological children.

It's been a long week and it's not going to slow down anytime soon! We have so much to get done and feel like we're in crunch time! We're so thankful to have family and friends supporting us and walking this road with us!

The Details:
  • Recommended books: Foreign to Familiar & The Connected Child
  • Airline to look into for adoptions: Golden Rule
  • Make sure that the lawyer has the long version of the Birth Certificate, apparently in Uganda, there's also a short version
  • Keep your paperwork organized and copies of everything you fill out & send in

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