Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adoption Books?

Today I coordinated a wedding at our church. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate in such a special and exciting day and earn a little extra money towards our adoption! After the wedding & reception we drove up to the Summit, a local shopping center, to hit up Barnes & Noble for some adoption books. It was the lighting of the Summit so the area was packed with people, we got there just in time for the fireworks! Once they were finishing up we headed inside, grabbed some coffee and started searching for books on adoption. After finding nothing, we finally asked an employee. She took us over to the family section-LOTS of books on being pregnant and having a baby and we FINALLY find a (yes, that's right, ONE) book on adoption. Adoption for Dummies. While I'm sure it's a great book on adoption, we were past many of the questions and topics it covered and were looking for some of the books that were recommended to us...such a disappointment for such a large store...what on earth did we do before the internet!!
We headed over to the travel section and found a couple books on Africa/East Africa and read a little bit about Uganda instead. While in the store, we saw a family with 2 younger asian boys who had just been adopted, it was so great to watch them teaching/reminding their biological children to include and watch out for their brothers as they were very wide eyed!

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  1. What I find disappointing about large bookstores such as B&N or Borders is that most Christian books I purchase aren't available in store.

    We're blessed with a church library that had some adoption books available. Did you find any books since this post? Any recommendations?