Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cry of the Orphan

We've talked with so many families we know who have adopted or are in the process as well as friends working with Lifeline. One family, who we were talking with about China, used Lifeline and were helping get ready for their annual fundraiser/dinner called "Cry of the Orphan." They invited us to attend and it was such an encouragement to hear so many stories, how people were lead towards adoption, the questions they were asked and the issues they dealt with or are dealing with. We were so honored to attend a God honoring event and thankful to the friends who invited us!

While talking with a friend who works for Lifeline, we asked about the challenges of adopting domestically rather than internationally. Her answer was "it's like going to the state fair or Six Flags, they both have roller-coasters but they're different."

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