Monday, November 1, 2010

Accepting a Journey

For several years we've prayed about adoption, but haven't felt like it could become a reality, there were just too many questions and no answers for us. Well, God has been burdening our hearts more and more for the children of the world. Finally, we were both on the same page and it was as if we just hit the "GO" button on entering the world of adoption!

Since High School, I have wanted to adopt from China so that's where we started exploring. After God closed and opened many more doors, we decided on Uganda! Our Compassion International child is there and we have a couple friends who were walking through the process independently. Both agreed to walk through this with us and help us however they could. The resources they started us out with were just an amazing blessing!

They gave us the contact information for a Social Worker and we have our first Home Study meeting set up for next week! Talk about diving right in!

Some details:
  • You may be familiar with the "Hague Convention." Uganda is a "non-convention country." Click here to read more about the Hague Convention and what countries participate
  • Uganda allows adoptive families to adopt independently, meaning they do not require you to use an Agency

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